DL0118 Downtown Los Angeles Ambisonic Library Vol 1

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  • B-Format - 31.26gb compressed - 45.55gb expanded

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DL0118 Downtown Los Angeles Ambisonic Library is the first volume in a new collection of Downtown Los Angeles ambisonic sound recordings. The collection is designed to suit the varying needs of todays sound professionals from 360º VR to sound editorial for film and beyond. DL0118 Downtown Los Angeles Ambisonic Library serves as a base building block and starting point for any project requiring urban sounds or sounds specific to the Los Angeles area.

The Story

Living in Los Angeles and working as a editor, this library has always been a distant dream to build. Of course there are other libraries that have recordings from downtown Los Angeles, however, none have narrowly focused on capturing the sounds from all the major districts. This approach is one of the things that makes DL0118 Downtown Los Angeles library a true treasure. In addition to this unique approach, these sounds are Soundfield B-Format allowing for unmatched flexibility in post. Read more about the making of DL0118 Downtown Los Angeles Ambisonic Library Vol 1 here.

DL0118 Downtown Los Angeles Ambisonic Library comes in two variants: B-Format for complete flexibility and stereo for those who just need to keep things simple. For those purchasing the Ambisonic sound library please keep in mind no stereo sound library is included, but can be purchased at a discount if needed. If you are not familiar with ambisonics or would like to learn more checkout my About Ambisonics page  

High Resolution

Bit Depth: 24 Bit

Sample Rate: 96 khz

Metadata Embedded

All files embedded with metadata readable by Soundminer, Basehead and many other sound library management platforms


Soundfield B-Format


Spatial Customization

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  • B-Format - 31.26gb compressed - 45.55gb expanded

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Listening Room

Mychal Herron
DL0118 Downtown LA Ambisonic L
Mychal HerronDL0118 Downtown LA Ambisonic L

Important Product Information

Workstation Requirements

  • Support for 4 channel track or Aux.
  • SurroundZone2 Plugin by TSL Products: FREE DOWNLOAD 

or any third party B-Format decoder with support for soundfield B-Format (WXYZ layout) 


  • Single User (Site Licensing Available)
  • Royalty-Free

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