Starting out as a sound editor many years ago, I recall what a demanding task it was to find modern libraries that were relevant to the type of work I was doing. With recent offerings increasing, libraries have become considerably better. Through the introduction of more immersive formats from dolby atmos to a plethora of VR platforms, variety and quality have become vitally important. I am not a person that shies away from different and modern recording techniques. Improving the way I can capture, deploy, and deliver sounds has always been a goal.

I have enjoyed building sound libraries and over the years I have created many mini collections for jobs I’ve worked on. I try to squeeze every ouch of performance out of my equipment and abilities. I wanted to make some of these libraries commercially available. My goal is to share something I love doing and offering them to the maturing world of immersive sound libraries. I relish the new adventures it leads me on! I want to invite everybody to come along with me, sonically and visually!


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